Boost Product Quality with Acerta

AI-Powered Platform for Machine Analytics, Trusted by OEMs and Tier-1 Manufacturers

What We Do

Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses machine learning to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction. Our proprietary cutting-edge technology allows our clients to access the full potential of their collected data. The platform learns the normal behavior of the tested system and the complex correlations between data streams, and automatically detects anomalies in real-time. It assists engineers with root cause analysis and provides them with actionable insight, thus saving millions of dollars in warranty claims, manufacturing down time, engineering resources, brand value, and legal expenses.

How It Works

1. Acquire

Data is collected using the client's existing setup and sent to our secure private cloud

2. Analyze

Our machine learning platform analyzes the data and identifies anomalies indicative of defects

3. Alert

Client system is notified in real-time when an issue is detected, allowing them to take immediate action

Why Acerta

clock to represent real-time

Real Time

Data is analyzed as it's collected and any anomalies are reported immediately

knobs to represent dynamic


The algorithms learn and adjust as changes are introduced into the product configuration or manufacturing process

graph to represent scalable


The algorithms are easily applied to new models and improve as the amount of collected data increases

puzzle to represent seamless

Seamless Integration

The platform augments the existing quality control process by integrating through dedicated APIs, and requires no additional hardware