About Us

Our founders, Greta, Jean, and Sebastian, are very passionate about autonomous vehicles and have been closely involved with automotive systems over the last few years. Greta was working at Magna on the safety of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Sebastian continues to be the associate director of WatCar, Waterloo’s autonomous vehicle program. Jean has many years of experience with machine learning and statistical analysis, and has been focused on the applications of the technology to automotive systems.

The insight the founders got through close relationships with automotive manufacturers and suppliers lead Acerta to where it is today, to be the most dynamic platform in the industry for detecting vehicle defects through data.


Picture of Greta - CEO

Greta Cutulenco

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Sebastian - CRO

Sebastian Fischmeister

Chief Science Officer

Picture of Jean - CTO

Jean-Christophe Petkovich

Chief Technology Officer

Picture of Prashant - CDO

Prashant Raghav

Chief Data Officer

Picture of Gonen - Sales Lead

Gonen Hollander

Chief Operating Officer

Picture of Himesh - Business Lead

Himesh Patel

Business Lead

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"Acerta is committed to helping companies better utilize their vehicle data."