Acerta is Part of SCALE.AI, One of Canada’s New Superclusters That Will Share $950 Million

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By Acerta

Acerta is proud to be part of the SCALE.AI supercluster, one of five superclusters selected to receive $950 Million in funding from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) Innovation Supercluster Initiative (ISI). The funding will go towards developing intelligent supply chains through implementing artificial intelligence.

Over 80 Canadian companies, 26 business associations, and 12 academic institutions are taking part in the supercluster that will shape a new global supply chain platform, bolster Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), and accelerate industry adoption of supporting technologies through collaborative projects.

Acerta’s participation in the supercluster will provide it with exposure to more of the industry’s challenges, easier access to partners in the manufacturing industry, and a seat at the table where decisions will be made about the technology of the future. Acerta will bring to that table extensive knowledge and experience in applications of AI to automotive and manufacturing, and best practices in maintaining data structures that support implementation of AI. We will collaborate with our supercluster partners to bring technological innovation to supply chains and develop technologies that will position Canada as a world leader in this field.


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