Acerta CEO Greta Cutulenco Joined Daimler, StreetScooter, to Present Demo at Startup Autobahn ExpoDay

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Greta Startup Autobahn ExpoDay
Acerta    By Acerta
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By Acerta

The Stuttgart-based, automotive-focused Startup Autobahn Accelerator is the biggest innovation platform in Europe, and is powered by Plug and Play Tech Center. The platform brings together global startups and German corporate partners to advance innovative technology through an intense and ambitious 5-month program.

The record-breaking 3rd cohort of the successful accelerator culminated last week in an ExpoDay, involving 32 startups and over a thousand attendees from across the automotive industry. Along with partners Daimler and StreetScooter, Acerta CEO Greta Cutulenco took the stage to demonstrate the application of its AI-based analysis for monitoring vehicle batteries, both during manufacturing and in the field.

As a Canadian company, Startup Autobahn provided us with a valuable port into the European automotive industry helped us accelerate our presence and engagement with European manufacturers. Other than our ExpoDay partners, we also established relationship with other program partners such as Continental, TUV, Rolls-Royce, Webasto, Hella, and more. We were happy to learn that German partners are extremely supportive of innovation, as clearly indicated by the 130+ joint projects established during the program, and the vast executive turnout at ExpoDay.

What’s next?

Building on our successful demonstration, we have a lot of work ahead of us with our new partners. We also look forward to continue expanding our activities within Europe and contribute to the new generation of manufacturing enabled by Artificial Intelligence.

A big thanks to Hanna Boomgaarden, Livia Toth, and everyone at Startup Autobahn and Plug and Play. This provided some excellent outcomes for us as we cool the electrified future.


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