Acerta Takes Part in Industry 4.0 Mission to Germany

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By Acerta

Last week Acerta’s COO, Gonen Hollander, took part in a mission to Germany, organized by the IRAP Program at NRC (National Research Council of Canada) and NSERC (from Canada), and German Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF). The goal of the mission was to facilitate collaboration between Canadian and German companies and organizations who are good candidates for the joint Canadian-German “2+2” program starting in January 2019. As part of the program, one SME and one University/Research Organization from each country (hence 2+2) will collaborate on a R&D project in the field of Industry 4.0.

The delegation spent 2 days at the Canadian embassy in Berlin where representatives introduced their organizations and proposed a project they are interested in collaborating on. Acerta’s proposed a project for an AI-enabling big-data platform for collection and management of data from vehicle systems throughout their entire product lifecycle – from inception to operation. During the second day, Acerta was joined by representatives from Porsche, University of Sherbrooke [Canada], Fraunhofer Institute [Germany], to solidify the project plan and discuss details of our potential partnership.

The mission then spent 2 days touring Padernborn, Owl Region, and learning about their Industry 4.0 ecosystem. This small region is home to very successful family-owned businesses such as Benteler GMBh, where the delegation was given a plant tour and heard from Benteler’s head of industry 4.0 about their strategy to extract the most out of their data. The tour also included a visit to Garage33, a startup incubator funded by the region, a visit which exemplified the region’s commitment to continuous innovation.

We would like to thank Tim Jackson and Vance Pan from NRC IRAP, Marius Ivan from NSERC, Bruno Wiest from the Canadian Embassy, Angela Spreng from Invest in Ontario, and the rest of the mission organizers and participants.


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