Here are some questions we’ve been asked in the past

There are many analytics solutions out there. How is Acerta different?


Our platform is the product of over 5 years of continued R&D, more than any other AI analytics company. Additionally, by focusing on automotive applications, we developed a highly specialized solution that is significantly better for these applications in terms of accuracy and the ratio of true to false detection.

So we decided to work with you. What's next?


Our engagements typically begin with a pilot project with the objective of determining the best use case for our technology, calibrating our platform for the client’s data, and¬†assessing the ROI for the client. After a successful pilot has been completed, we move to a subscription-based deployment of fully automatic real-time analysis.

How can you provide insight without domain expertise?


Our algorithms sift through enormous amounts of data collected from the tested system and automatically model the normal behavior of that data. They then use it to assess any new stream of data and alert engineers on any deviation from the expected behavior. This stage does not require deep understanding of the functionality of the tested system, since the platform learns all it needs from the initial batch of training data. In the next stage, by utilizing input from domain experts, the platform can be taught to automatically label specific faults based on the type of anomaly it detects.

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