Our Products

Get More From Your Data With Acerta

We developed our platform to allow our clients to access the full potential of their collected data.

Each one of our products was designed to extract the maximum value for the client based on the data they collect. They all provide actionable insight to support analysis and decision-making, thus saving millions of dollars in warranty claims, repair and maintenance costs, manufacturing downtime, and legal expenses.

Acerta Element™:
End-of-Line Data Analytics for Tier-1 Manufacturers

Element™ augments existing end-of-line test processes by applying our algorithms to the test data in real-time. It automatically detects anomalies and produces actionable insights that assist engineers in root cause analysis.

Acerta Molecule™:
End-of-Line Data Analytics for OEMs

Molecule™ is designed to work with dynamic and highly contextual data. It boosts the tested product's quality by analyzing the test data collected by the manufacturer, including complex correlations between the vehicle's various subsystems, and providing alerts and insight into each detected anomaly. The dynamic nature of our algorithms is key to their effectiveness and makes them ideal for analyzing automotive data.

Acerta Fusion™:
Road-Test Data Analytics for Pre-Production Vehicles

Fusion™ evaluates vehicle health in real-time and quickly identifies upcoming issues. It analyzes the data coming from hundreds of sensors in real-time, and provides engineers with actionable insight. By using Fusion™ to detect hidden issues at this stage of development, our clients can avoid discovering them in the later, more costly phase of serial production.

Acerta Reaction™:
Remaining Useful Life Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

Reaction™ provides automatic health monitoring for mechanical systems. It analyzes the various data collected from these systems in real-time and evaluates their remaining useful life. By using Reaction™, engineers can shift from preventive to predective maintenance and significantly reduce expenses on maintenance, warranty, and repairs.