something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Detect more anomalies and understand their root cause

Anomalies can go unnoticed in your vehicles, causing many problems in the future.

Detecting an anomaly late causes massive product recalls, safety concerns, damage to the brand, and ultimately huge costs to your organization.

Acerta helps quickly diagnose anomalies to discover critical problems in your vehicles through our dynamic machine learning platform. This leads to faster diagnostic times and increased quality.

clock to represent real-time

Real Time

Analyze signal data as it gets collected to understand vehicle health

rocket to represent dynamic


Analyze data from any vehicle model using the same platform

graph to represent scalable


Support the growing electrical complexity of modern vehicles

knobs to represent flexible


We integrate with your existing data collection infrastructure with no additional hardware needed

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For Automotive

Automatic Analysis

Assess vehicle condition automatically during testing and assembly to improve your
diagnostic capabilities

Faster Diagnostics

Perform analysis of vehicle data in minutes and avoid the tedious hours of manual inspection

Deep Exploration

Discover previously overlooked anomalies by continuously analyzing data from every newly manufactured vehicle

For Fleet

Vehicle Health Status

Evaluate the health of the vehicle, identify developing problems, and help zero
in on the cause

Optimized Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on vehicle performance and health levels to reduce costs by up to 40%

Reduce Downtime

Avoid unexpected breakdowns that result in large repair and downtime costs for vehicle fleets

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