About Acerta

The company, the technology, and the people behind it all

Our Story

Since 2012, Acerta's leadership team has been conducting groundbreaking research into pattern recognition and anomaly detection in conjunction with the University of Waterloo's award winning engineering R&D labs. It wasn't long before the automotive industry began showing interest in the applications of the research and manufactures began using Acerta's systems to analyze data, detect, predict and prevent system failures.

Today, our founders' decades of combined experience in machine learning algorithms for the automotive industry make Acerta a reputable and trusted leader in machine analytics and predictive technology.


Our Approach

Research and Development serves as a core pillar of Acerta’s success. Our highly skilled team goes beyond data collection by helping clients identify the business and engineering questions they need answered.
At Acerta, our goal is to deliver innovative analytics solutions that unlock the hidden value in data and transform it into actionable insight that drives manufacturing and quality assurance decisions. Our team’s R&D capabilities and their experience in the automotive environment allow us to tackle one of the industry’s biggest yet overlooked problems. To ensure that we offer the best solutions for our clients we place a high value on open communication and continuously invest in R&D.

Our Founders

Greta Cutulenco

CEO & Co-Founder


Greta is a natural leader with extensive knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. She spent years working for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers in various positions. At Bombardier and Magna she handled system analysis and health monitoring, and at AECL (nuclear) she analyzed security vulnerabilities as a systems engineer. Greta is well versed in the automatic analysis of data for testing and anomaly detection; the topic was even the focus of her M.Sc. Research, University of Waterloo. Greta is dedicated to optimizing manufacturing systems, safety, efficiency, predictive maintenance, and system security.

Jean-Christophe Petkovich

CTO & Co-Founder


Jean-Christophe directs Acerta’s research and development of statistical and machine learning algorithms for analyzing data and predicting failures in vehicles and industrial machines. He has logged nearly 10 years of experience in developing cutting-edge techniques for data analysis, pattern recognition, statistical modelling and machine learning. This extensive stint included working for leaders in the transportation industry such as QNX and Bombardier, where he wrote software for safety-critical systems. Jean-Christophe’s PhD thesis in Computer Engineering at the real-time embedded software group at the University of Waterloo focused on methods for predicting performance regressions using Bayesian statistics, building statistical models of memory layout performance effects, and creating a heterogeneous performance evaluation infrastructure with an intelligent self-optimizing scheduler.

Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister

CSO & Co-Founder


Leveraging his extensive research experience in data analysis and embedded systems, Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister, P.Eng. is the academic voice within Acerta’s R&D efforts. What intrigues him most is distributed real-time embedded systems in the domain of automotive systems, avionics, and medical devices. He is the Executive Director of WatCAR – the University of Waterloo’s autonomous vehicle initiative. He is also Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sebastian has 17+ years’ experience in embedded systems, and 19+ years in systems research where software technology, distributed systems, and formal methods intersect. For 10 years he headed a high-powered automotive research group with 20 team members.

Our Philosophy

We embrace change and strive for continuous improvement as we lead the evolution of machine intelligence.
Energetic, smart and dedicated, we serve our clients while upholding high professional standards.


Consistent, high performance at every step. We are driven to prevent mechanical failure and increase your business success.

People Come First

Acerta’s clients, partners, employees, and end-users fuel a keen spirit of collaboration and shared success.

Experience Matters

Our team is led by experienced industry leaders in engineering, data analytics and manufacturing.

Open Communication

Collaboration and open communication build business relationships that last. We value insightful exchanges with our partners and clients. It all starts with the first conversation.