Acerta Joins SAP as Top 5 Entrant for the Industry4.0 Startup Program

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Acerta’s Solution Specialist at SAP Industry4.0 Startup Program
Acerta    By Acerta
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By Acerta

Last week, Acerta began the 6 week long “Industry4.0 Startup Program”, hosted by SAP IOT accelerator and at their Data Space in Berlin’s Mitte District. Acerta was one of 5 Industry4.0 startups chosen to participate out of a large pool of applicants.The purpose of the program is for SAP to identify technologies that can leverage SAP’s platform to benefit its existing clients, and to assist these startups throughout their development process. SAP has brought together companies that can offer innovation in digital manufacturing and digital supply chain, with unique use cases, domain expertise and strong technical capabilities.

The program provides its members with in-depth mentorship; developmental workshops and access to SAP’s APIs and technologies. The location of the program is key to Acerta as we see Germany as a priority market for our solutions. Over the next several weeks, Acerta will also benefit from exposure to SAP’s leading manufacturing customers including Porsche, Audi, Bosch and Daimler. Involvement with SAP is a huge privilege, with their innovation ecosystem spanning 378 000 customers.

The program will culminate on July 5th with a demo day to showcase its outcomes and newly formed partnerships. Following its conclusion, startups will have the option to continue working with SAP’s IoT Startup Accelerator and make use of its resources.

We are thrilled to receive support and knowledge from those involved in the conference that will help us boost Acerta to the next level in the coming weeks.


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