Acerta Connects with Corporate Partners Nissan and Denso at Plug and Play Japan

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Plug and Play Japan Acerta
Acerta    By Acerta
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By Acerta

Last week, Acerta attended the first event of the Plug and Play Japan Mobility Program in Tokyo. Plug and Play Japan is an innovation platform that makes meaningful connections between various Japanese corporations (Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Aisin Group, etc.) and global startups. Acerta sees Japan as a priority market, and we are proud to have been chosen for the program based on positive recommendations and interest from corporate partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Bosch.

Over the course of the twelve-week program, startups have the opportunity to pitch and receive mentorship from these corporate partners. The kickoff event of the program, held in mid-June, included a combination of startup pitches and presentations by automotive executives on their company’s vision and future plans for the development of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and more. Alex Cutulenco, Acerta’s Director of Business Development, participated in roundtable discussions and mentor sessions, and presented Acerta to 300+ industry experts. 

Upcoming events include a focus week in July where Acerta’s team will work with corporate partners Denso and Nissan, as well as with several industry experts, to choose the best use cases for applying our products. Once these are determined, we will work with our partners on the deployment throughout the program, and present progress and results at expo day on September 6th.

We are excited to continue working with Plug and Play’s partners over the next several months, and uncover potential opportunities that will help both organizations move forward. We’d like to express our appreciation for Inoue-san of Denso Corporation, and Okura-san of Nissan corporation, for their ongoing leadership and support.


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