Join us for a discussion of the impending challenges and opportunities in mobility.

There are two ways of seeing the transformations taking place in automotive today. 

From the consumer perspective, we’re witnessing rapid expansion in mobility as a service (MaaS), an increasing number of electric vehicle (EV) options, and the promise of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the horizon. From the enterprise perspective, these translate into radically changing customer relationships, overhauls in design/manufacturing, and exponential growth in vehicle data.

At the center of it all is Machine Learning: optimizing routes and maintenance schedules, providing recommendations during vehicle design and production, and managing the enormous volumes of automotive data.

What does the future of mobility ultimately look like?

Join us on Wednesday, September 30th at 11am EST to find out!

Featuring Acerta CEO, Greta Cutulenco, and EV Advisor, Chelsea Sexton, this webinar will explore three of the biggest “What If…” scenarios in automotive:

  • What if MaaS becomes the dominant model?
  • What if EV adoption rates increase faster than expected?
  • What if AVs become the norm in transportation?

Whether you work in the auto industry or just want to know where it’s headed, sign up for this forward-looking discussion on the upcoming challenges and opportunities in mobility.

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