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Enhance vehicle health and safety with real-time condition monitoring.


Forged from Experience

AutoPulse is built with domain knowledge acquired through an extensive history of working with datasets from transmission, axles, gearboxes, engines, etc., giving our models a decisive edge in automotive applications compared with generic "AI" solutions.

Driven by Data

Acerta maintains the industry's largest anonymized database of automotive products, processes, and failure modes, giving our data scientists a head start on any automotive dataset. We deliver results in weeks, not months.

Iterative Improvement

AutoPulse is getting better every day. Acerta's data scientists are constantly updating and adding to our machine learning model library, ensuring that AutoPulse will continue to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

Case Studies

Engine Misfires

AutoPulse identified misfires in real time with a true positive rate of 91%.

Exhaust Air Leak

AutoPulse reduced time for root cause analysis from 2 weeks to 60 minutes.

Alignment & Suspension

AutoPulse achieved accuracy rates of 95.8% and 100% for detecting suspension and alignment issues, respectively.

Road Friction Estimator

AutoPulse used vehicle data to detect changes in the road surface in <1 second on average.

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